SEO & PPC strategy – Brucefield Industry Park

Brucefield on site signage

SEO and PPC strategy – Brucefield Industry Park 

Brucefield Industry Park’s asset management company, Denwolf, asked Whitewall to provide an SEO and PPC strategy to improve the park’s placement on SERPs and boost traffic to the website. We were also asked to provide content management services.

The challenge

Our initial research showed that Brucefield wasn’t ranking in the first few pages. Brand search was working but it did isolate a large proportion of potential tenants who didn’t already know the name. The challenge was to bring Brucefield in line with local competitors and push it further up in search results.

The solution

We optimised the website for search and created an SEO strategy. We analysed the current PPC campaigns, adjusting them in line with the SEO strategy, and focusing on relevant keywords and locations around Scotland.

The results

new keywords ranking after month one
increase in web sessions
increase in new visitors
PPC clicks

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