Developing a Social Media Strategy


While some of us are making lists and checking them twice, we’re crafting an altogether different list. Developing a social media strategy? We can help with that. Here are some easy ways to make sure you’re on the nice list…

Developing a Social Media Strategy for 2019
On the Facebook Beach at the Cannes Lions in 2018

Make a plan

While social media is ephemeral, your planning shouldn’t be. Before you ever write your first post it’s worth asking what you’re trying to get out of developing a social media strategy. Are you focusing on ROI? Or are you using more traditional metrics such as reach and engagement? How does this fit into your overall marketing strategy?

Choose the right channel

We live in an omni-channel age focused on the now. While the temptation to post on all the channels is great, some that may work better for your audience than others.

If your brand is visually-led, Instagram could be the way to go. Find our top tips on that here.

More focused on disseminating information? Tweets and regular LinkedIn and ECRM updates could be the winning combination.

It’s also important to consider how you’re weighting your social media. How much will be organic posting? How much of your content will be paid?

Create a way of working

You know what channels you’re using, you know what you want to get out of them. It’s time for a content calendar!

Different teams work different ways, but here at Whitewall HQ we like to use Google sheets to create calendars for the month ahead. Stick in key dates and events and then pop in the subject of your post.

You don’t need to have a post for every idea but knowing where you have a gap for content means you can plan ahead and coordinate with stakeholders.

It’s equally important to plan what platforms you’ll be using to post. This really depends on how many networks you’re coordinating. Platforms such as Hootsuite are great for being able to manage multiple networks with larger teams. With the added benefit of analytics, it’s easy to get everything done in one place.

Sprout Social, Planable and HeyOrca can work equally well, but it’s worth considering what you need to use your social for and who needs access before taking the plunge.  


How many brands do you follow online? Do you follow them on more than one social network? While it’s easy to push the same message out on all your channels, it’s worth mixing things up. If you must post the same post, stagger it over a few days.

Change the copy slightly or use a different image. What looks amazing on Instagram may well crop oddly on Twitter. Your number one goal is to get your content seen, so don’t be afraid to stand out. Bonus points if you use video!

Keep an eye on wider social media strategy

What are you doing with the other parts of your marketing strategy? How are you linking offline and online? Keep everyone looped in and linked up and developing a social media strategy will be a breeze!

Language darling…

No matter who you’re writing for, it’s important to develop a tone of voice. A lot of this will depend on the client, but it’s worth keeping your language clear and jargon free. No War and Peace here – keep your copy short, sweet and to the point.

Get a second set of eyes on your copy while you’re at it to make sure your message comes across.

Need a bit more space? Links are your best friend.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

With 84% of outbound content being shared via messaging apps such as Facebook messenger and What’s App, it’s worth considering how you track this kind of content as it can have a real impact on your monthly reporting. Add URLs to your content and track them – we promise you it’s worth it!

Know your industry

Staying up to date on everything. Remember when Facebook’s algorithm changed and everyone panicked? Be the voice in the calm of the storm and do your research. Sometimes change is a good thing!

Traditional media is great for reading up on the trends in social media strategy, but we also love the What’s App bulletins from Battenhall and Social Chain for keeping us updated on all things digital. Short and sweet, these news morsels are perfect for digesting while you’re waiting to head into a meeting.  

Keep up with your reporting

Your reporting as is important as your content so stay on top of it! A monthly breakdown of the numbers can really help when you’re planning strategy (and budgets!) for the new financial year ahead.

Choose your metrics and record them on the same day every month. Take time to do a deep dive into your data and really understand your audience. It’s worth it.

Stay inspired

Whether you’re keeping tabs on the competition or following the award-winning campaigns from the Cannes Lions, you’ve got to keep that creativity going.

Take notes, dream big and get in touch if you want to talk about developing a social media strategy. We’re here to help!

Drop us a message – we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction or manage the process for you.