How to instagram like a pro

How to instagram like a pro

Planning to up your Insta-game? Instagram is no longer somewhere for you to photo-dump – a perfectly preened feed is as good an accessory as the next thing.

So here are some of our top tips, complete with a list of some of our favourite ‘grammers! Enjoy!

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Be picky

Don’t flood your feed with every selfie you take, every breakfast you eat, or every tiled floor you tread upon. Try to be selective with your images, finding common features and colours in every shot. Maybe you want to focus on one element, be it landscapes, interiors, fashion or architecture – try and find a running theme. Unclear? @bumblebambi is winning at Instagram. Specialist topic: Scotland!

Stick with a filter (or two)

It’s tempting isn’t it? So many filters – so little time. NO. Restrain yourself. Stick to one, two or maybe three filters for your entire feed. Trust us – the artistic eyes of your followers will thank you and your feed will be super aesthetically pleasing. Speaking of aesthetically pleasing – it’s @little_magpie1’s page.

Experiment with angles

It’s the hipster’s angle of choice, but dropping a couple of flat lays into your feed will mix it up and bring much-needed white space. Make sure you have a mixture of distant shots and close ups, high-angles and low-angles – it’s time to find your inner David Bailey! Need inspo? @katelavie is our angle angel.

Plan it

You’ve taken hundreds of beautiful shots recently, but you’re a bit stuck with what to post and when. Help is at hand! Apps like Preview and Plann will help you to visualise your future feed and experiment with photos and filters. (Top tip – try and match your colours in diagonal boxes for a perfectly curated, aesthetically balanced feed.) Allow us to provide you an example… @foreveryoursbetty is our go to gal for Scottish, colourful happy times.

Tag it

The mighty hashtag. Instagram is renowned for its simple and effective categorisation of images with weird and wonderful captions. So do your research, find the hashtags relevant for you and use them to your advantage. It’ll up your impressions, help new followers find you and maybe even inspire you. And if you’re somewhere specific, don’t forget to check-in. Awesome people go to awesome places, so tap into visitors past and present, and tag your place in your post. It’s hard to find established grammers who still use hashtag, but – just to name drop some more of our favourites -check out @tgkwan @highlandcollective @berriestagram @eilidh__cameron, and last, but not at all least, @glasgowfoodgeek.