Our Favourite Campaigns This Month

Summer is here, and it’s brought a new wave of campaigns! If you’ve been enjoying the sun and not glued to your screens, fear not, we’ve handpicked some of our current faves to share with you.

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably 

Suicidal doesn’t always look suicidal

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This powerful campaign by CALM is one that will stay with us. The ads feature the last photos/videos taken of people before they died by suicide. The clips show individuals spending time with their families and friends, playing pranks, laughing and seeing the world, to drive home the point that suicidal does not always look suicidal. The end of the ad encourages viewers to find out how they could help save a life through CALM. This is such an important campaign and a touching reminder that what we see on the surface is not always the full picture. Please visit their website if you’d like to find out more, and find additional resources and support. 

P&O Cruises

Old Friends, New Places

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P&O’s 30-second ad invites us to see the special moments on a pals’ holiday. We see two ladies that are old friends enjoying a relaxing but fun trip together. The main focus is not on the boat itself, but on where it takes them; their experiences gained and memories made on land. It’s refreshing to see these two ladies having the time of their lives when such campaigns usually target couples and families! One of the most impressive takeaways from this ad has to be that two adults managed to coordinate their diaries, to be honest.

Sports Direct

Girls Don’t Like Football, We Love It!

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Ahead of the UEFA Women’s Euros, Sports Direct have partnered with media company Copa90 and released a brilliant ad that tackles the idea that women aren’t into the game. In the ad we see girls both watching and playing football, stating “girls don’t like football, we don’t like gold, we don’t like tekkers, we don’t like silverware, we don’t like watching, we don’t like it – we love it!”. It features a glam gran, a cup win and guys watching from the sidelines. The rhetoric pokes fun at the generalisations made in society and we’re here for it!


The only way is up

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The Co-op’s summer ad is here, and it’s heartwarming. They stripped it back to the meaning of “co-op”, showing a community coming together in a variety of circumstances. We see community food-based projects, sports, farming, local artists, team sports and get-togethers. The minute-long ad is rounded off by a message on the screen stating “Buying Co-op food raises funds that lift up your community”. The ad is accompanied by British band Stornoway’s smooth rendition of ‘The Only Way Is Up’, which is bound to get stuck in your head! You’ve been warned.

Thumbnail image source: P&O Cruises

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