A Walk on the Bright Side

A Walk on the Bright Side

After joining us at the start of this year, Lynsey’s put pen to paper to tell us what it’s like to move over from the client side…

Having worked on the client side of retail marketing for four years, I felt I had to take the leap and dive into the world that is “agency”, just to see how the other half lives!

Returning to work after being on maternity leave is a somewhat daunting and emotional rollercoaster, but the prospect of starting a new role with a new company made my return rather exciting too.

Working client side was fun; I thought of myself as a rather demanding client (at times!) and some days I could sense my agencies rolling their eyes and huffing loudly when they saw my name pop up in their inbox. But the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t actually work like that… or so I’ve learned.

I started with Whitewall in early January this year as Marketing Account Manager – four weeks in and I’m an agency convert! What a wonderful place to work! Sixteen creative, talented and just sheer lovely people working for numerous awesome clients to more playlists than Spotify can handle… what’s not to love?

I particularly love the sharing of so many talents. There is an expert in almost every field within the four walls of the office – pretty impressive and extremely valuable in delivering first class work to our many clients. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of our client base – no two days are ever the same, which makes for a pretty stimulating working week.

So moving to “the dark side”, as us client side peeps would call it, is actually pretty awesome and I’m looking forward to many years with this tremendous, dynamic and friendly company. From now on, agency life is definitely not the dark side; from here on in, it’s the bright side!