Myths about Millennials

It’s not all avocados and rose gold.

Millennials are arguably the most written about (and misunderstood) age group around. We’ll bust some common myths so you can get to the heart of what makes a millennial tick, and tailor your marketing strategy to create a memorable campaign for that audience.

MYTH: Millennials are teenagers and young adults.

FACT: Millennials can be well into their 30s.

Millennials are generally thought to be younger than they are. Rather than being born in 2000 (no, they aren’t all 18), the oldest millennials can be well into their 30s. Millennial is actually a general term that applies to anyone who grew up in the age of the internet.

If you want to break it down further, Generation Y grew up with personal computers, mobiles and video games whilst Generation X had access to tablets, smartphones and apps galore.

TIP: Be wary of underestimating the millennial age group and accidentally talking down to them – some might have children of their own with mortgages to boot!

MYTH: Millennials have a strong sense of entitlement.

FACT: Millennials have a strong social conscience.

With global warming heating up the planet and plastic polluting like oceans like never before, this generation is demonstrably conscious of the knock-on effects of its purchases.

And, although environmental responsibility has been a prevalent issue for decades, day-to-day consumer choices from millennials are highlighting its importance.

Brands embracing this trend include Starbucks and McDonald’s, who’ve both pledged to eradicate their use of plastic straws by 2020.

TIP: Don’t forget to include your environmentally friendly policies in your marketing plan and highlight areas where you are making positive changes for the planet.

MYTH: Millennials are killing the retail industry.

FACT: Millennials appreciate experience-led shopping.

Millennials have been blamed for “killing” lots of products and trends including diamonds, napkins, straws and traditional shopping methods. (Hello, click and collect.)

Instead, there’s more interest in experience-led shopping. A perfect example of this is Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Tasting Lock-In where customers are invited after-hours to sample the retailer’s new products. Inviting customers to a private event that also highlights and promotes a new range from the retailer? Sounds like a winning marketing campaign to us!

TIP: Themed nights, pop-up shops and exclusive events are the perfect way to buck the trend and embrace your inner millennial.

MYTH: Millennials are overly sensitive.

FACT: Millennials are interested in self-care, including mental and physical health.

Whilst millennials have a reputation of being too sensitive (coined as the snowflake generation – insert rolling eyes emoji here) this has resulted in a trend towards self-care. From face masks and scented candles to meditation and yoga, young millennials are learning to prioritise their physical and mental health above social obligations.

TIP: Hosting an event? Ensure your marketing strategy harnesses opportunities to collaborate with retailers and brands, or offer space for events that promote healthy living and well-being. Alternatively, you could highlight the best self-care products around from stores such as Boots, Superdrug and The Body Shop. A little face scrub goes a long way.

MYTH: Millennials would rather buy avocados than houses.

FACT: Millennials lived through the recession and are still feeling the pinch.

Ok, so millennials do love avocados. But millennials are generally renting for longer and saving their money as best they can in the current climate. Give them some support by featuring ideas for upcycling and home decor options for smaller spaces. Think leaning frames, low maintenance houseplants and rose gold everything.

TIP: Within your social strategy, try highlighting key pieces that could brighten up a home without breaking the bank, or easy home improvements for rental properties.


So in true self-effacing millennial style – we hope this blog has been useful! Whether you’re thinking about your digital strategy, or everyday marketing – all of our tips could feed into ideas for content, events and tone of voice. And yes… this article did come straight from the horse’s mouth – written by a real-life millennial!