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British Land creates places people prefer – destinations where you’d want to work, shop and live. One of the largest property development and investment companies in the UK, we’ve now been working with its retail marketing team for over 4 years.

We manage a blend of social, email and web content for British Land’s portfolio of over 35 well-known shopping destinations nationwide.

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Social Media

We manage more than 50 social accounts for each shopping centre owned by British Land. That’s a lot of passwords to remember. Our crack team monitors comments, likes and shares on each account, answering and dealing with a multitude of customer enquiries along the way.

We also collaborate with partner agencies to roll out portfolio-wide campaigns at key retail periods such as Hallowe’en and Christmas, so there’s a consistent look and feel to all of British Land’s campaigns.

Did you know we reunited over 30 lost teddies with their owners? That’s no mean feat – it’s the little things that count.

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We love an email campaign at Whitewall. What other marketing channel lands in your customer’s pocket with their name on it? Not many. We send over 200 e-shots every year to over 350,000 recipients across the UK for British Land alone, so we’re pretty darn good at our content marketing.


Where there’s a British Land shopping destination, there’s a website. From opening times and parking information to one-off events, we’re there. We liaise with centre teams to make sure we’re giving British Land customers the most up-to-date information possible. We’re also in touch with retailers – from head office to local stores – who send us the latest news and offers.

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