Bluewater - Experiential Brochure Design

Bluewater 20th anniversary book

Experience of a Lifetime

Bluewater in Kent is a special kind of place. It encapsulates stunning architecture, interior design and outdoor green spaces to make any visit feel truly memorable.

With this in mind, the centre approached us to help them design a B2B digital brochure that would convey the experience of Bluewater and entice businesses to purchase merchandising space.

The task was to present figures and information in a beautiful way and create an overarching theme for the brochure.

Enter the elephant!

Bluewater animated elephant
The Elephant In The Room

To bring this brochure to life in it’s digital state we used bespoke animation featuring a plucky pachyderm.

The elephant featured throughout the brochure and getting the atmosphere of the animated sections just right was a fantastic challenge.

The result gave the whole document a sense of the life and experience you can find at Bluewater which was the intention of the whole project.

Bluewater 20th anniversary book

Charlotte Stather

Charlotte Stather Logo Mockup

SO Health

Group of people planking during a workout

Paisley Centre

The Paisley Centre signage