Marketing strategy

Research is always the starting point when developing a marketing campaign – we want to understand your customers, your audience and your visitors, so we’ll dive into the data. We might even host a workshop to meet your team and really get under the skin of your business. From this, we’ll begin to develop a marketing strategy that works for you – we’ll pull out key findings and make sure every step of our marketing plan relates to your goals.

Your marketing strategy will always be a fluid and changing thing. It’ll cover all channels, communications, and activity. It’ll identify key target groups and how to reach them. We constantly evaluate campaign performance to identify what’s working and what’s not – and we use that data to inform how your marketing strategy should be developed and adapted to improve performance.

To cut a long story short, we’ll pin down the elements to develop a marketing strategy that’s tangible and actionable, and creates a plan for a successful future.

Have a look at how we use strategy in our projects…

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