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We’re working with the St James Quarter Edinburgh

Who is St James Quarter Edinburgh?

St James Quarter in Edinburgh is set to be a world-class development for retail, leisure, hotel and residential offerings. It will create a modern destination in the heart of Edinburgh City. The development will bring popular high street and luxury brands and high-end hotel and dining options to Edinburgh, cementing its reputation as a first class destination for tourists and locals alike.

What we do

We’re responsible for overall project management – we make sure the team has what it needs to meet target dates and budgets.

As the development’s main contact for its asset management, residential, and W Hotel and Apart-Hotel teams, our job is to create clear communications between each area of the business throughout the project.

How we do it


To keep the project on track, we’re proactive in our oversight of the whole project throughout the process. Our knowledge and experience mean we’re able to recommend industry best practice to ensure the project is delivered to a high standard.

It’s our job to make sure things are completed on time to the expected standard, so we continually monitor progress against deadlines to keep things on track. We’re also in charge of managing the budget, so we know where every penny is spent and how this will affect the project going forward.


We have weekly catch ups with every area of the business to monitor progress and identify any potential issues. It’s our job to spot the things that could delay the project and help the teams find solutions before they happen.

We have regular conversations with the marketing teams for residential, W Hotel and Apart-Hotel to ensure they’re kept up to date with progress and are involved where they need to be.

Not only that, but we also observed existing processes and made recommendations for changes to improve communication.


We know the teams are busy so, to keep things simple, we created a simple live traffic-light reporting system. This means project status can be understood from a glance and updated at any given moment.

We also hold fortnightly on-site meetings with the leadership teams allow in-depth face to face conversations on the progress of the project.

What else do we do?

Our skills aren’t limited to project management. Using our extensive experience of retail marketing, we’re helping with St James Quarter’s event planning for 2021 and the launch of this year’s Christmas activity. We’re also involved in the B2C PR and media strategies for the development.

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