Facebook Changes: Simplified

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It’s safe to say Facebook has had a turbulent few years.

With pressure mounting on Zuckerburg’s brainchild after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, the company has responded in kind by declaring their commitment to privacy, security and creating a stronger sense of community online.

During the annual developer conference F8, Zuckerberg announced a bunch of new Facebook changes to design, functionality and overall direction for the platform.

Whilst most of the major changes announced don’t have a definite date, it’s important to know what to expect and to understand the brave new world Facebook is trying to create.

We’ve rounded up what to expect from Facebook in the near future.

New Facebook Logo

Never has so much existed on a space created for so few.

As apps fight for screen real estate, many designs online are becoming streamlined to clear the clutter of the homescreen.

Following the trend of cleaner logos (think Mastercard, Pepsi and Spotify) Facebook is following suit.

The square icon will be changing to a sleeker, more rounded design.

Facebook logo evolution

Mission Statement

After 15 years, Facebook is changing its mission statement as a commitment to its new direction. The new statement is pushing for quality connections over quantity.

Facebook mission statement


We predict this change will have the biggest difference to advertising and marketing on Facebook: Groups.

Facebook currently has over 400 million users in what it terms “meaningful” groups in smaller communities. Most groups are founded on one strong theme. Anything from Dachshund owners to Sitecore Developers, groups are much more focussed than the average timeline.

To nurture this trend, Facebook is trying to create more meaningful spaces for more genuine interactions.

In essence this should be a positive change for users, but perhaps not for marketers.

For example, it does make more sense to ask a parenting question on a parenting group. However as these spaces are supposed to be private and user-controlled, it’s not clear where business and paid marketing fits into this new model.


Once again, as the focus shifts towards more meaningful interactions, posts will aim for connection over reach.

In the past, posts were published to the public timeline, aiming for as much reach as possible. Now (similar to Instagram’s close friends feature) there will be an option available to aim at curated groups of people. Whilst this may be good news for users, businesses may find it harder to reach new audiences.

On the other hand, businesses with a smaller, more concentrated following will benefit from building a strong foundation of followers.

Messages: Streamlined

If you’re struggling to keep up with messaging on multiple platforms, this one’s for you.

Facebook will be streamlining their owned platforms Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to allow users to message through any of the platforms, to any of the platforms.

That means you can answer an Instagram DM via Facebook, or post to a Facebook Group via WhatsApp.

Whilst there’s less chance of missing an all-important message, the chance for posting on the wrong platform is now even higher. One to watch out for!

Let us know what you think of the Facebook changes. Are you nervous, hesitant or inspired?

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