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Animated brochure design – Bluewater

Bluewater is a large shopping and leisure destination located in Kent.

The challenge

We were asked to create and design a digital B2B brochure that would showcase Bluewater’s commercialisation space. It also had to convey Bluewater’s personality and premium offering to attract well-known brands. 

The solution

We knew we needed to come up with a unique concept that would capture attention and leave a lasting impression – enter the elephant!  
 Once the concept was agreed, we developed the idea to incorporate bespoke animations featuring the elephant, scattering them through the document to add interest and personality. The intention was to create an engaging document that was both engaging and informative. 
Bluewater 20th anniversary book
Bluewater 20th anniversary book

The results

Getting every animated section just right was a challenge our designers embraced, and the finished product was an engaging digital B2B brochure. The elephant animations brought the document to life, making it an effective and memorable tool for promoting Bluewater’s commercialisation space – because, as we all know, elephants never forget.

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