Students, we ❤️ you

Students, we ❤️ you

We love developing young talent at Whitewall! We even have our very own student- the lovely Carly (pictured below) who’s working with us while she completes her degree.

When we sent out the feelers for some bright young things to showcase their writing skills on our blog, we were thoroughly impressed with the results.

So feast your eyes on both of our winning blogs- we just couldn’t choose one… Congratulations, Lauren and Mark!

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Lauren McGuigan

It’s just a big fancy word for advertising, right?


Yes, marketing involves communication in the form of public relations; advertising and branding, but this is simply only scratching the surface! The depths of the marketing industry are highly misconceived with several chunks being overlooked.

This organisational function is a means of communication and creativity in order to satisfy and manage customer relationships. It is therefore vital that marketers have strategies in place to analyse consumer behaviour, sustain market research, analyse products through their life cycle, monitor retailing, pricing and distribution, ensure precise segmentation and targeting of the market audience and not to mention; the continuous (internal and external) environmental observation…That is to list a few.

We would be here all day if we were to discuss each of these aspects in full detail, therefore, the following sections summarise the key facts about what you need to know with regards to marketing.

The Marketing Mix

a.k.a the ‘4Ps’.

The four aspects within this “marketer’s toolkit” are manipulated in order to specifically suit and appeal to the desired target audience.

These include;

  • Price: indicates product value – can include price promotions.
  • Product: the real functionality, what ‘need’ it fulfils for the consumer.
  • Promotion: advertising and brand awareness.
  • Place: distributional factors.


The marketing industry has immensely evolved from its beginnings; with previous emphasis being directly focussed on the amount of sales being achieved marketing has now transformed into a hugely customer orientated process, with strategies being better suited to the long term and the recruitment of a loyal customer base.

With the goal of a strong customer understanding, marketing is described as being most successful when ‘selling is superfluous’…which, simply put means; don’t sell what you make! Instead, create products tailored to consumers so it sells itself.

Side note;

Bathroom adverts are seen as one of the most effective forms of promotion with recall rates being over 62%.

Digital Marketing

The new age of technology has completely transformed the marketing world.

Digital exposure through social media In particular has proven greatly beneficial to firms allowing the increase in brand awareness as well as the creation of networks and connections to not only consumers but other businesses within the industry.


  • 82% of people will still use their phone to make a decision on an in-store purchase
  • Influencers such as celebrities can gain huge followings which is advantageous to firms through advertising. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have followings larger than Germany and Turkey have in their population.
  • Consumers are 63% more likely to be influenced to purchase a product due t a blog rather than a magazine or a newspaper.


Final Note

The marketing world is constantly changing.

The art of this industrial game of ‘survival of the fittest’ means that what we know as marketing today may not be the same in 20 – 30 years…

… Failure to adapt to its spontaneity and you may get left behind!

Mark Loughran

As well as being a student I work as a freelance promotional event manager. Through my time doing this I’ve managed and worked on some fantastic marketing campaigns including winning a National Marketing award for most innovative campaign for running the William Hill banter booth at sporting events nationwide ,which was my very first campaign!

We were interviewing rival fans at the English and Scottish fa cup finals, Champions League games etc. in our custom made football shaped marquee outside stadiums and in town centres, sampling free bets and recording it all for our YouTube channel which gained a cult following due to some of Glasgow’s less salubrious but hilarious characters being interviewed about the old firm rivalry.

It went viral and people were running up to us to get involved negating the need for our brand ambassadors to cajole them into being interviewed, this opened my eyes to how powerful marketing can be when traditional experiential marketing is combined with a digital presence. Now every job I do is a combination of these forms of marketing and I witness and benefit of its effectiveness every day.

My last job was running the Gregg’s Lucky Lights spin and win game at University freshers fairs UK wide and In Ireland also exemplified how powerful digital marketing can be when as well as sampling the students we got them to enter their data on handheld tablets which they then would get special rewards on the Greggs app. This went viral and the Greggs directors attended my last fair in Dublin to see for themselves how quickly they can gain 5000 new customers hopefully for life.

In short from my first campaign to my latest I’ve seen digital marketing evolve and adapt to become the method that clients and agencies want to promote and engage their product …and boy does it work!