Happy birthday Whitewall!

Happy birthday Whitewall!

We’ve turned the big 13 – unlucky for some, but not for us!

Thirteen years ago Susie incorporated her new company and Whitewall was born (and we’re oh so glad it was!).

Maybe you know us well… maybe you don’t. Regardless, here are 13 fun facts about Whitewall. Happy birthday!

1. Why Whitewall?

Whitewall is the name of a coral reef in Fiji… a tropical scuba-diving trip during the winter of 2004 inspired the name. Cool story huh?

2. We’re lunchtime connoisseurs

We’ve been around for 13 years so we definitely know a thing or two about the best places for lunch around Glasgow city centre. Here are our top 13 for you to choose from – don’t say we’re not good to you…

3. The 13th employee was…

…Drum roll please… Caroline!

Caroline joined our digital marketing agency fresh from Glasgow University in September 2014, and she’s never looked back. Things she loves about Whitewall? The never-ending supply of biscuits, the amazing ideas and the understanding that hot beverages definitely make you more focused!

4. We’re dog friendly!

We have a few puppers that regularly frequent our office and help us to be more productive. Miss Millie and Miss Riley come in and keep us company on a weekly basis. And who knows… there might be another few puppies in the ‘pup’ line this year… (Kristen we’re looking at you!). Millie even has her own Instagram page, follow her @moodiemissmillie.

5. We LOVE hot beverages

We make 11,264 cups of hot drinks per year. We love the stuff. But each of our teams each have a preferred beverage and sweet treat…


Our digi-team are massive fans of herbal teas… green, camomile, fruity… you name it, they drink it. Favourite snacks include protein brownies (for the healthy), milky buttons, Cadbury dinky deckers and Wispas!


This is where the java-lovers live! Our Marketing team like their coffee – black coffee, milky coffee… our cupboards are overflowing with boxes of Nescafe Azera!

In terms of snacks, you’ll find them tucking into cookies and cake.


Our design team love a cup of builders’ tea. And it’s ALWAYS accompanied by biscuits of some sort… Jaffa Cakes, Tunnocks tea cakes, custard creams. They appreciate the classics!

6. Our average age is…

Our average age is the ripe old age of 36. Or in other words, we have over 604 years of life experience!

7. The Sauchiehall split

Our agency can be found on one of Glasgow’s most (in)famous streets. During the renowned Scottish Independence campaign, we were based smack bang in the middle of the Better Together and Yes campaign offices. We did in fact try to catch Alistair Darling’s attention with a series of window posters and tweets, and successfully achieved a wave. Result!

8. We make themed playlists

Depending on what the main story of the day is, we regularly create playlists on a theme. Top points go to whoever makes the funniest addition. Our most played song is Back in the Tall Grass by Future Islands, closely followed by songs from The Kooks, Prince and Skipinnish (Scottish music lovers represent!).

Fancy listening in? We’ve saved some of our playlists on Spotify, you can find them all here:

9. We’re a diverse bunch

We like lots of different things… and they do say opposites attract! A list of hobbies from our self-confessed geeks:

Balloon making, tarot-card reading, powerlifting, plastering and body-doubling to name but a few… Don’t say we’re not diverse!

10. In a past life…

With 13 years of running a successful marketing agency under her belt, we think it’s ok to look back at what may have been had Susie not become a successful, marketing lady boss…

From selling shoes to pulling pints, hanging clothes in C&A (remember that?!) to working in a car showroom, Susie had a varied career before she started in marketing. But the one that definitely surprises us most is her stint as a chef! We reckon Susie was delighted to hang up her chef’s hat for some smart-caszh (we did have to google the spelling for that one!).

11. Our 13th client…

The 13th client we ever worked for was the wonderful Bluewater. And luckily for us, we still get to work with them today. Thanks guys!

12. Our clients are nationwide

Our work spans the length of the country. We have clients in Inverness, clients in Plymouth and everywhere in between. We may be Glasgow based, but we count ourselves as a truly national agency.

13. Girl power

Through no deliberate manoeuvres, 89% of Whitewall employees are female. But we love our boys – Ross and Mark, this is a shout out for you – the best designers, bros and colleagues us girls could ask for!
For those of you who have worked with us, you know our agency is like one big family. We work together, get to know our clients and genuinely love what we do. So here’s to the last 13 years, may the next 13 be just as productive, and awesome!