Facebook ch-ch-changes…

Facebook ch-ch-changes…

Facebook’s algorithm is changing. What does that even mean for those of us who work in social media or a content creation agency? Bad news first: if you’re a business page, frequent posting of unpaid content and organic reach will no longer be enough to get your posts seen.

If you’re already basing your social strategy on paid advertising, there’s not too much to worry about – for the moment anyway.

Let’s talk about what you can expect to see over the next few months…

Say goodbye to engagement baiting

Let’s face it, until recently ‘like if you’re ready for the weekend’ or ‘share for the chance to win’ made several appearances on most of our daily Facebook feeds. No longer! The new algorithm works to penalise frequent engagement baiters.

A tougher stance on advertising

Since everyone will be competing for advertising space, we expect the standards for advertising to become stricter. Make sure your ads comply with Facebook policy. If you’re not sure, don’t do it!

The need for better targeting

Who are you trying to reach?

If you’ve not been focusing on your key audiences, now is the time to understand who you’re really trying to target and how that relates to growing your fanbase.

Take some time to do a deep dive into your Facebook insights. If you understand who is engaging with your current content, you can build a strategy towards how you might continue to engage with these customers.

Already have a loyal community? Consider embracing Facebook groups to keep current fans engaged and develop your content around this area.

Active and meaningful interactions

The key to having your content seen within the new algorithm? Meaningful interactions between people. Although business pages and public content won’t be as visible, engagements will be more valuable than ever for getting your content seen.

In terms of format, this is the time to go live – literally. Zuckerberg’s post mentions how passive an experience watching video is so, if you want your video to work for you, you need to embrace the live video trend now.

Looking to get next level? Try Facebook 360 video. With the capability to create digital signposts (guides) and ambisonic sound, the result is highly immersive content that can even be employed to include VR technology such as Oculus Rift.

Finally, it’s a question of quality, not quantity. What emotions will your post create?  Is Facebook the right place to say what you need to say? Challenge your content creation and you’re already ahead of the social media game. Happy posting!