Creative gets cosy ‘Christmas time, sponsored ads and vines’

Creative gets cosy ‘Christmas time, sponsored ads and vines’

While you’re on the beach buying ice cream in June, we’re sweating over which jingle sounds ‘jingly’ enough and whether the use of ‘festive season’ is too clichéd to incorporate into clients’ Christmas creative. But let’s face it – this time of year follows a cherished formula, and a creative campaign that strays too far from the beloved nostalgia does so at the risk of receiving a lump of coal – or a full charcoal landslide – on social (John Lewis, we’re looking at you).

So, walking the line between client briefs while flexing our innovative muscles is no Boxing Day walk in the park. We got there, however, and are proud to provide a snippet of what we’ve been working on. Gather round, kids, and let the jingles wash over you . . .

Festive TV ads

For a major client’s TV ad, we went down the storytelling route with full animation. The tinkly tune serenades the action as a burst of sparkle morphs to form one key aspect of the client’s festive offering to the next – festive shopping, fashion, food, parking and cinema. It’s all rounded off with a jolly Christmas tree and key messaging. We loved the succinct yet subtle simplicity – combining richness and intrigue, while forming an adaptable template for future non-festive campaigns.

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These ads were displayed on both digital and outdoor formats around Stockton-on-Tees where the centre is located. The inimitable excitement of kids at Christmas is conveyed using the photo of the young boy, reaching in joy to place the star to suggest he’s decorating a tree. ‘Hello Sparkle’ relays that warm, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling that Christmas creates, while ‘Hello Christmas’ is used to communicate a sense that we’re greeting an old friend at this special time of year.


Since winning the marketing contract for the two northern clients, Broughton and New Mersey, creative for both has centred on feelings, or the ‘feels’ if you will – sensations brought on by special events throughout the calendar year. We used the copy and imagery in the Christmas campaign to transmit the rush of joy when you give, and are given, the perfect gift. The focus is less materialistic – instead of homing in on material aspects, we want shoppers to know it’s the special emotions tied to the gifts that count.


Merry Christmas, one and all. We hope you enjoyed our festive efforts! Now we’re off to start on next year’s creative. . .