The best things come in Schmoll packages

The best things come in Schmoll packages

How does a film and journalism graduate end up in digital marketing? It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot over the last few months!  After being shortlisted for Glasgow Graduate of the Year at this year’s Glasgow Guarantee Awards, now seems like a very good time to talk about how I joined Whitewall.

Two years ago, I applied to work at Whitewall under The Commonwealth Graduate Fund (now known as the Glasgow Guarantee scheme). I had started my career with an SCVO creative internship shortly after graduating with an MLitt in Film Journalism.

When the time came to make a move, I struggled to get an interview.  At the time, I was looking for work, there were very few entry level roles and a whole lot of graduates who were also looking to take the first steps in their professional careers.


The Glasgow Guarantee

I came across The Commonwealth Graduate Fund (now known as the Glasgow Guarantee) during my job search and applied thinking that it might be a good fit. The scheme is open to Glasgow residents and recent graduates who are either unemployed or underemployed.

Once I was accepted, I continued to apply for jobs inside and outside of the scheme spending my evenings drafting cringeworthy covering letters. Here’s one fine example: “The ability to capture attention in 140 characters or less requires a certain skill. X offers possibility, presence & vision. #mystrategy.”

Yes, that’s a hashtag in the very first line of a covering letter.

Fast forward a few weeks – I had landed two interviews in the same week with two very different agencies. The covering letter was (thankfully) a bit more refined by then! My first interview was with Whitewall.

I was then very lucky to be invited to a second interview for both after which I put together a presentation, undertook written assessments and answered a few more questions.

Two weeks later, the call came: Whitewall offered me a job as a digital marketing coordinator.

I accepted and started in January 2015 – the rest as they say is history!

I can’t shout enough about the scheme. It’s helped me to find a space to grow my professional skills in a supportive environment with a team that are truly incredible.

We’ll be recruiting through Glasgow Guarantee in the new year. If you’re thinking of applying – we’d love to see your application!