A Google Squared Review

A Google Squared Review

Before I started working at Whitewall I realised that to get my foot in the digital door, I needed to offer more to a company than just an honours degree and 18 months of experience.

While completing some free Google Digital Garage modules, I stumbled on the Google Squared digital marketing course. Although the price put me off, an advert popped up showing that they were accepting scholarship students for the next cohort of the course. I clicked, I applied, and swiftly forgot about it.

Two months later, an email popped into my inbox saying that I had been accepted for a scholarship on the May cohort of the course.

A Google Squared review

Google Squared is an online digital marketing course created and supported by Google.

It includes five modules that span a variety of digital topics – from disruptive technologies to business planning.*

Throughout the course, the topic of leadership is weaved into each module. These are explored in great detail to demonstrate how leadership qualities in the digital industry are essential when working –  especially in an agency environment.

The course modules are split into three or four areas, covering different aspects of the topic. These are split down further into pre and post-class activities, a weekly live class and group work.

Each module ends with a project or assessment. One is completed individually and the others involve virtual collaboration with other Squared students from across the globe.

This poses challenges of its own such as dealing with timezone differences, reliability issues and language barriers. However, it ultimately teaches you a lot about working as a team (especially helpful for working in an agency environment!) or working with clients from around the globe.

The Verdict

Perhaps the only downside to the course is the speed at which content is worked through.

To succeed and really get the most out of it you need to be willing to put the extra time in, work long hours and explore around the topic in your own time.

Without a scholarship the price may be an issue for some, and the hours are occasionally difficult to juggle with everything else in your life.

Ultimately, I would say it was worth it. My CV finally included some valuable accreditation, I felt more confident in my abilities and I landed a job here, at Whitewall Marketing.

Find out More

There is so much more to learn about Squared Online, so if my review wasn’t enough, be sure to visit their site.

Scholarships are available to individuals who have a 2:1 degree or above from the last two years and are not currently working in a marketing or advertising role. You can apply here.

The price of the course for self-funded students is £2,098.80 (inc. VAT) or for employer-funded students, £1,749 (ex. VAT).*

If my Google Squared review hasn’t convinced you yet, do bear in mind that you will be a fully-fledged student and qualify for an NUS card – it’s a no brainer!

*Information correct at time of writing.