PokéThis and PokéThat

PokéThis and PokéThat

School’s out for the summer and the kids have taken to the streets, PS4s abandoned, headsets silent. Is this the apocalypse? Well if it was, you might call it 20 years later. In case you’ve missed it, Pokémon Go has landed in the UK.

Here at Whitewall, we’ve been embracing all the Poké-trends. Our nearest PokéStop is handily accessible from our fourth floor office and we’ve even caught a few Pokémon attempting to divert productivity.

On a more personal note, in the interest of attempting to continue communication with my other half, I’ve taken one for the Whitewall team and have spent the last four days fully immersed in all things Pokémon Go. You may even have seen me strolling around the park with my external battery pack trying to catch a Seel (CP 143). It’s all market research, right?

So maybe you’re not familiar with the evolution of the Charmander (me neither, as it turns out).  If you don’t know your Charmander from your Charizard, start with this Poké-Primer from the Verge.

Already levelled up on the latest Pokémon knowledge? here are some of the clever ways that brands are embracing the Poké-trends.


If you read app update notes you might have noticed that on 18 July the app added a ‘PokéStop nearby filter’. The update allows significant others everywhere to choose restaurants for romantic nights out (read: optimise gaming by placing a lure during dinner).

Mall of America

Quite a few shopping centres have jumped on the Poké-bandwagon. Mall of America has written a cracking blog on the location of their 25 PokéStops, two Gyms and Pokémon GO Trainer Lounge all while highlighting their free Wi-Fi, mobile app and food & beverage offerings.


The US-based car share service is offering a one day chauffeur service in Boston on 21 July. Tweet a one-hour timeslot and get a Zipcar ride around town. We hear there are phone chargers and snacks on standby too. Any word if Uber’s getting in on the action? Enquiring minds…

University of Glasgow

The Communications and Public Affairs team at the university sent their social media intern to play Pokémon Go on campus earlier this week and documented the experience on social channels. The results? Two tweets each garnished a 10% engagement rate on Twitter while their Snapchat account experienced a fantastic 1000 views per snap on a Poké-themed Snapchat story.

So who’s next? Rumours are that McDonald’s are getting in on the action in Japan with sponsored locations – certainly something to watch in the coming months! In the meantime, we’re keeping our eyes peeled, both for that next highly-engaging marketing campaign and for that ever-elusive Pikachu.