Sep 13, 2017

What’s better than spending a team building day out running around the streets of Glasgow, trying to one up your colleagues on a ‘grown up’ treasure hunt, in the pouring rain, whilst also trying to solve rather difficult brain challenges as you go? Absolutely nothing!

The team covered a distance of over roughly 12,113 steps each – some went by foot, some flagged a black cab, some enlisted the help of Uber and some even sampled the Glasgow Rickshaw market to get ahead of the rest. 


The mission began at the Whitewall head office on Sauchiehall Street, where Agent Dan handed the four teams (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green) their survival packs. Each team was given a device to map the progress of the game (and call in their answers to the challenges!) and an envelope containing a set of mental challenges. The puzzles required a mix of maths, English, art and good guesswork skills as well as any soldier’s staple supplies – coffee and chocolate!


With each round of the game, a new sector of the map became unlocked and new challenges were unveiled to each of the four battalions. It got harder still, as teams had to be within a certain quadrant to submit their answer for that area of the map. To make things even more interesting, different areas were ranked harder than others, so some parts of Glasgow became big targets as they would reward the winner with more points! 


Espionage Missions are not for the faint hearted; teams must work together, exposing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The Whitewall teams put up a very good fight and in the end, there was just 1% between the top two teams. The final scores:

Blue Team: 32%

Red Team: 31%

Yellow Team: 23%

Green Team: 14%.

However, the challenge didn’t end with the crowning of the Blue team. Following all that running around and brain training the Whitewall teams had to come together and tackle the biggest challenge of the day – a mammoth buffet at Glasgow’s west end bar and restaurant, Dram, consisting of nachos, pizza, beef burgers, chips, chicken goujons, pork burgers and even falafel burgers!

All in all, a day out with your team mates on an Espionage Mission is one you won’t forget in a while!

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