Oh, you’re such a card!

Feb 16, 2016
Garry Haldane

…as the leather-clad Joey Boswell was wont to announce when pestering that woman at the DHSS in Carla Lane’s Bread (a real life portrait of Liverpool folk for those who haven’t seen it).

But in this case, we’re talking greetings cards – specifically the bespoke ones we’ve been creating to celebrate staff birthdays. It’s certainly proven that nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like the opportunity to take a blank canvas approach and poke varying degrees of fun at friends and colleagues. Who knows, with the increase in the availability of greetings card services, this could potentially become a Whitewall subdivision – lunarswine.com?

Maybe not though; some things, once seen, can’t be unseen…


Susie Henry Card

Our fearless leader takes client care especially seriously. A vacuum cleaner can rarely have been employed so vigorously.


Caroline Darling Card

By way of explanation, the Better Together campaign was headquartered directly opposite our office. Caroline expressed warm feelings for both the campaign and the mismatched hair-eyebrow combination of its chief mouthpiece. This is what resulted…
(nice inadvertent Blackadder ref – Ed)


Peter Card

Peter likes cats.
Don’t get the back.


Jo Beard Card

Not actually a former Eurovision winner but Jo, whose husband-to-be was beginning to cultivate an impressive growth at the time. Now it’s like Roald Dahl’s Mr Twit…


Joda card

The following year’s effort continued the hairy theme with a Chewbacca reverse. Pretty sure it’s a genuine quote though…


Claire Card

Oh Claire, where to begin?


Clara Card

Clara’s father is a sculptor,
Clara studied art n’ culture;
Clara drinks and smokes for sport,
She also likes to make words short


Being Mark Card

A riff on a classic movie poster for a classically bald man turning 40. A number of notable additions to the mix, all things that are perfectly spherical like his noggin.


ross bear card

Not a card per se, just Ross’s genuine moment in the sun on the cover of a popular magazine. I think it’s about healthy outdoor pursuits.


Carolyn Card

A genuinely cheery effort. Dunno what was in the water that day…


Neil Star Wars Card

The film everyone really wanted to see… May the farce be with you? (Get out – Ed)


Ailsa witch card

Ailsa’s birthday is around Hallowe’en. Probably not enough of an excuse for this abomination in truth.


Susie Sailor Card

A final one for Susie. Quite saucy in truth but the card designer spent a lot of time searching through pages of photographs suitable for the back so would be remiss not to recognise that. Took about three days as I recall…



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