My WW Work Experience

Jul 18, 2014

My name is Anna Jenkins, I’m 17 and attend the Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh. I recently completed a week’s work experience placement at Whitewall Marketing. Marketing has always appealed to me because I’m a creative person and love working among people as part of a team. I had really been looking forward to spending time in the office and meeting everyone in the business and the experience didn’t disappoint.


Over the course of my week at Whitewall I was shown what each person does and what their role is within the company, from website design and analytics to creating images and design. One of the highlights was helping the digital content team write and upload a fashion-led editorial article – it was fun to see what I had written go live on the website!

I also attended a client meeting with Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh; it was fascinating to see the good relationship that the company has with its clients. For my last couple of days I spent time on competitor research on social media and websites, identifying how other businesses are currently advertising and promoting themselves.

The people I have met and worked with at Whitewall have been amazingly kind and helpful, and in what is a very busy office they’ve been very generous with their time. I can’t thank them enough.

It proved to be a very exciting and enjoyable week that has really encouraged me to do something similar in the future and to have marketing firmly in my mind when making future subject and career choices.

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